Friday, 7 October 2011

"Rebirth" Ep Out Nov 14th Bassface Records (Cotti/CrazyD/Enme/Euby)

This is the long awaited relaunch of my first Dubstep label which i started in 2007. The first release featured a production by myself and pioneering producer kromestar "Mozart 3000" and was followed up by "Calm Down" ft doctor which went on to sell 2000 vinyl copies back in 2008. The Rebirth Ep features tracks from myself Cotti, CrazyD, Euby & Enme. check out the video below to hear audio and make sure u turn them sub speakers up!

>>>>>>>OUT NOV 2011<<<<<<<
1.Long time coming - Cotti //2.Terminator - Enme & CrazyD 
3.Badboy - Enme & Enme //4.Cant wait - Crazyd

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