Monday, 19 September 2011

SumtingNew's Cotti on Dubstep Mc's and its roots

Whats happening my Dubsteppers? My names Cotti and I'v deen producing & DJin Dubstep for around 6 years now. I'v even manage to make a name for myself in the ever growning Scene since 2006 with Classic white such as "Sensi Dub" & "I dont giv a dub" aswell as "Calm Down" & "Rise the Temperature as of more recent.

I have been there to see exactly how the scene has evolved over the past 6 years so i put together a short Video Blog about 7 months ago on my thoughts of Dubstep Mc's and its roots.
You can also catch me alongside SumtingNew' DJ Enme on 5-7pm Sun(GMT)

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